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Meet the Co-Owner and Dance Director of Arthur Murray Cincinnati -
The Wiggly Monkey - Mr. Jeremy Mainous:
Jeremy Mainous
1) What's Your Favorite Dance and Why: Depends on the day or what I'm currently working on. Right now, I'd have to say Foxtrot with the different rhythms and types of movements you can pull from it. Quick and jazzy and the long and slow. Makes me feel like a Smooth Lover!

2) What Other Hobby Do You Have Outside of Dancing: Collecting Vintage and hard to find Bourbon!

3) Who's Your Favorite Coach and Why: Eddie Simon. The more I work with him, he continues to raise the bar on the level of understanding and knowledge of dance and movement. The ways he can internalize it and make me do so as well and the sincerity I feel in him wanting to make me a better dancer and teacher.
5) What's Your Favorite Thing About Dancing: I never stop learning.

6) What's Your Favorite Thing About Teaching:
I never stop learning and can share that knowledge with others to help them experience the awesomeness that is dance.

7) What's the Saying You Hate the Most that Student's Will Say on a Lesson: "I can't."...Can't is a cuss word.

8) What's Been Your Favorite Moment at Arthur Murray: The day Desiree' walked into the Studio and into my life.

9) Who's Your Biggest Dance Idol and Why: Bob Long. He was told very early in his career to quit because he would never make it but yet he stuck in there and continued on to become the President of the Dance Board. For what he does for the Dance Board, for Arthur Murray, his drive, his ability to teach simply and his knowledge. I can also relate to how he was able to get such a HOT wife through his awesome dancing! 
10) If You Could Choose Only One Dance to Keep Dancing for the Rest of Your Life, Which Dance Would it Be and Why: That's not fair!

11) What's Your Favorite Movie: Star Wars (The Originals)

12) What's Your Favorite Quote: Eleanor Roosevelt, "Do something every day that scares you!" or Beastie Boys, "Be true to yourself and you will never fall."

13) If We Turned on the Music in Your Car, What Would be Playing: Hip Hop or Ska or Comedy

14) What's Your Favorite Book: The Bible

15) Do You Prefer to See the Movie or Read the Book: Depends on the story.

16) What's the One Show on TV That You Have Followed Since the Beginning: Breaking Bad
17) What's More Important, First Impressions or Second Chances: First impressions

18) What's Your Favorite Song: I have commitment issues so I can't narrow it down to one.

19) If You Could Choose Any Person, Dead or Alive, to Have Dinner With, Who Would It Be and Why: Vince Vaughn. I just want to see if he is like the movie version of himself in real life and if so, then I would be very entertained.

20) If You Could Bring Back One Person and/or Band to See Live in Concert, Who Would It Be and Why:
Michael Jackson...that's all that needs said.
21) If You are Going to Dance an All-Around with a Student, Would You Wear Smooth or Rhythm Shoes: Smooth

22) What's Been Your Favorite Venue to Dance In: The Brown Derby or the old Swing Lounge

23) What's Your Drink of Choice: Bourbon

24) What's Been Your Favorite Moment on any Dance Floor and Why: Desiree' and I received an invitation to dance for the New Year's Eve Concert for the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra. Just the sheer quality of sound and music that played behind us while we were dancing was awesome enough. But on top of bring on the stage of the iconic Music Hall and dancing in front of a full house...that was the cherry on top. We danced a Tango and a Viennese Waltz and the stage was long but really short in depth and I remember taking Des into one of our Fencing Lines right on the edge of the stage...EEK!
25) My dance crush is Agnes Kazmierczak. I know this was not a question, but I wanted to answer it and let people know it's okay to have one! 
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