6 Things Every Couple can Gain from Taking Ballroom Dance Lessons:
Jeremy Mainous
There is so much to be said about a couple finding something that they can really enjoy doing together. It brings about so many relationship benefits, and that thing I am talking about is Ballroom Dancing.

1) A New Way to Communicate - Speaking from experience, Ballroom Dancing can bring about a way to communicate with your partner when words and thoughts escape you. All you need is the two of you, dancing in time with music and things that were too complicated to put into words can come through in ways of movement. Trust me when I say that this secret language is something that every couple who wants to stand the test of time should really learn to master.

2) An Even Playing Field - Unless you have found a partner in life that is already a Ballroom Dancing World Champion, then dancing is something where both persons are learning on an even playing field. Sometimes as couples are trying to find a hobby to do together, they pick things where someone has an unfair advantage, something where one person found the hobby and is wanting the other to learn how to do it as well. This means that the original finder of the hobby already has an upper hand.

When you start taking dance lessons, both are starting with a clean slate, so there is no better than the other. Just two people discovering a new hobby together that both can enjoy equally.

3) Learning in Each Other's Arms - What other life-skill can you name where a couple learning it together can do so in each other's arms? Go ahead, try to name one...at a loss...that's because the only one to do this with is learning how to dance! Imagine it. Learning a new hobby that you can do together and learning it the entire time in the arms of the person you love. In my opinion, that makes learning this new hobby with your partner absolutely priceless!
4) Endless and Countless Opportunities - Learning to dance now will bring you endless and countless opportunities to use it during your lifetime as partners. Dancing together truly is a life-skill that everyone should have at their disposal.

Whether you will have weddings, business functions, charity galas, nightclubs at home, nightclubs on vacations, dancing together in your kitchen or dancing through the grocery store in your future together, this is something that as you are learning it now, you can use for the rest of your life. There are not a lot of other hobbies that can provide you with these lifetime use opportunities. 

5) Adding Spice to Your Life - Imagine the two of you dancing a romantic and beautiful Waltz and now imagine that smile on her face as you spin her around and around and she is floating on Cloud 9 as she realizes that during this dance she fells like the Princess she has dreamed about being since she was a little girl.

Now imagine yourselves in the privacy of your own home as she is practicing her hip movement for your Rumba...I don't think I need to say any more about that one except that is how learning to dance can add spice to your life. You're welcome!
6) Have Fun - Learning to dance at any Arthur Murray Dance Center is FUN! And, what person would you rather have fun with than the person you've committed to? 

So, if you just want to book yourselves out for some time during the week for just the two of you to unwind, relax and have some of the greatest times of your lives, then get on the phone and call your local Arthur Murray today!
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