This Thing We Call the Curve of Learning:
If you are a current Arthur Murray Dance Center Student or thinking of becoming an Arthur Murray Dance Center Student, then you have heard, or should be prepared to hear, about the Curve of Learning.

The Curve of Learning is one of the MOST crucial things to always remember, especially in the beginning of your dancing journey, but also something to NEVER forget even after months or years of being in the Studio. And, yes, everyone goes through it!!!

The Curve of Learning has 4 Stages to it and to me, it's comparable to having children...Let me explain...
Jeremy Mainous
The First Stage is the Initial Use Stage. This stage is comparable to you and your partner having "The Talk" about wanting to finally start trying for a family. This is when you are tossing around the ideas of what names you will pick out, where the baby will sleep, how you will discipline your children, where you will send them to school, etc., but again, these are just your ideas.

Just like with dancing...the Initial Use Stage, which is usually around a Student's first 5-10 Personal Lessons, your Instructors are introducing you to the idea of dancing.

This is where you, and your Arthur Murray Professionals, are finding out which dances you like, where you can see yourselves using your dancing, and even if you enjoy taking dance lessons.
The Second Stage is the Awkward Use Stage. This stage is more identifiable with ladies in that this is the Pregnancy Stage. Ladies, we know that while we are pregnant, nothing could be more awkward, but beautiful at the same time. Our figure goes to crap; we develop weird food cravings like pickles, all the ice cream in the world, or in my case, ketchup; we lose sight of our feet; our balance starts to become a thing to constantly think about; our boobs start to suffocate us; we vomit all the time for no reason; we are emotional messes who cry at Hallmark commercials; we are constantly having to find a bathroom because we constantly have to pee; oh, and our belly buttons peak out like Mt. Everest...all of this is extremely awkward! And, in our dancing also, we have to go through this stage. This is where we have been introduced to a certain pattern or a certain technique, but it's still clumsy and mechanical, but trust me...it does get better!
The Third Stage is the Conscious Use Stage. I am comparing this stage to the first 3 months of your newborn's life. This is when you are CONSTANTLY thinking about the well-being of your baby. With each move you make in taking care of this precious new life in your arms, you are wondering about all of the following all the time: Am I holding the baby's head in the right way; Where is my baby's soft spot and what happens if I touch it; How do I use this booger sucker thing to clean out his nose without hurting him; Has my baby eaten enough; Has my eaten too much...yet, you are still successful in making sure your baby is still thriving, it's just that during this time you are always thinking about how to make that happe

It's the same with dancing at this stage. You are able to execute the moves and/or techniques that you have been working on, but you are still thinking about them as you are doing them. But, again, have no fear, as this to shall pass!

The Fourth and Final Stage is the Natural Use Stage. It is here where you are now on baby number 3, you can change a diaper with one hand, and you have this parenting thing down like a pro. You no longer have to think about what name brand of baby wipes are going to be best for you, or what kind of food to use or when to feed your baby, you have this thing down and you are a Natural.

In dancing, this is when you no longer have to think about a certain pattern or a certain styling tip or technique...it's complete Muscle Memory and you are the Master of that particular Dance Domain! 

So, please, remember these as you start your dancing journey or as you continue on your dancing path in the time to come, because we all go through these stages, and, just think how AMAZING it will feel when you have put the time in to make it all feel so Natural!
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