All Kids Should Take Ballroom Lessons and Here's Why:
Jeremy Mainous
Imagine what our future would look like if every kid took Ballroom Dance Lessons...I see a future where people are accepted, friendly, know how to hold themselves in social situations, are polite and respectful to each other. Doesn't that sound like an amazing place to look forward to? So, here's the top 5 things that kids would gain if they each took Ballroom Lessons.

1) Confidence - No longer would kids be second guessing who they were or who they think other people want them to be. With dancing comes a confidence, not only on the dance floor, that empowers people to be themselves and know who that is and be okay with that person. If we could instill that in people at an early age, the possibilities for people would be much greater with who they could become!

2) Social Skills - They would be able to hold their own in social situations

There wouldn't be any more awkward silences, long random pauses, nonsensical conversations which would open the door for busy social calendars, great job interviews which would lead to promising employment, first dates that will lead to seconds and thirds and then more, and the ability to talk with anyone at any time.
3) How to Hold One's Self - Our kids would learn how to hold their head's high with great posture and move with ease during every day of the rest of their lives

Their posture will give them better health and physical benefits, show the world that they matter and exude that confidence that we mentioned in point number one.
4) Body Awareness - No matter shape, height or weight, learning to dance helps people and especially those who are growing how to understand their muscles, joints and core/center. 

How they use their feet to move and balance, how to use their hips to swing or sway, how to hold their center for control and speed, how they use their arms for style or emphasis, and as mentioned before, keeping their head high in posture makes them aware of the poise that will set them up for successes.

5) Sport + Art - Nothing else combines the physicality of a sport and the essence of beauty as much as dancing. Learning how to match your movements and feelings to what or how a song feels and plays in an artistic and physical quality brains can really dig.

Having youth involved in the arts provides deeply cognitive thinking tools such as pattern recognition and development, and mental representations of what is being observed or imagined. Kids who are involved in sports learn such vital life tools such as discipline, hard work, sacrifice and teamwork.

If you are ready for your child to start gaining such amazing benefits, contact your local Arthur Murray so they can have them walking in and dancing out TODAY!
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