Meet Arthur Murray Cincinnati's Instructor, NeTanya Turner:
Jeremy Mainous
1) What's Your Favorite Dance and Why: My favorite dance is Rumba because it is sensual and passionate. It helps me tap into my mature womanly side.

2) What Other Hobby Do You Have Outside of Dancing: Cosmetology

3) Who's Your Favorite Coach and Why: Emmanuel, because he is an incredible dancer as well as a very funny, positive coach that gives fantastic instruction.

4) If You Weren't a Dance Instructor, What Do You Think You Would Do: I would be a hairstylist and makeup artist.
5) What's Your Favorite Thing About Dancing: Dancing is the only thing that makes me truly feel connected to people. It makes me feel confident and connected to myself. When I dance, I feel important, valued and respected. I am also allowed to be the person that I want to be, as well as say the things I always wanted to say through movement.

6) What's Your Favorite Thing About Teaching:
Connecting with people, helping them overcome obstacles that they don't believe that they can.

7) What's the Saying You Hate the Most that Student's Will Say on a Lesson: "This isn't fun...We can't do this."

8) What's Been Your Favorite Moment at Arthur Murray: When my first wedding couple genuinely thanked me for making their first dance special.

9) Who's Your Biggest Dance Idol and Why: Misty Copeland because she breaks all barriers and defeats the odds.
10) If You Could Choose Only One Dance to Keep Dancing for the Rest of Your Life, Which Dance Would it Be and Why: Contemporary because it is a very versatile and expressive dance genre.

11) What's Your Favorite Movie: Step Up or White Nights

12) What's Your Favorite Quote: "You is kind, you is smart, you is important

13) If We Turned on the Music in Your Car, What Would be Playing: Beyonce'

14) What's Your Favorite Book: The Bible

15) Do You Prefer to See the Movie or Read the Book: I prefer to see the movie.

16) What's the One Show on TV That You Have Followed Since the Beginning: Modern Family
17) If You Could Have a Theme Song for Your Life, What Would It Be: "Man in the Mirror" by Michael Jackson

18) What's More Important, First Impressions or Second Chances: Second chances because if you screw up your first impression, you would get the chance to do it over.

19) What's Your Favorite Song: "Purple Rain" by Prince

20) If You Could Bring Back One Person and/or Band to See Live in Concert, Who Would It Be and Why:
Michael Jackson because he is the greatest entertainer to ever live.
21) If You Could Bring Back One Person and/or Band to See Live in Concert, Who Would It Be and Why: Michael Jackson...see answer above.

22) If You Are Going to Dance an All-Around with Your Student, Would You Wear Smooth Shoes or Rhythm Shoes: Rhythm

23) What's Your Drink of Choice: Pepsi

24) What's Been Your Favorite Venue to Dance In: Music Hall in Cincinnati

25) What's Been Your Favorite Moment on the Dance Floor and Why: My first Christmas recital on a competitive team because I made my mom cry tears of joy!
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