5 Reason Why Every Man MUST Learn How to Dance:
In today's world, I believe that it is imperative for every man to learn how to dance...at least at an Associate Bronze Level and would then be able to dance to any song, at any venue and with any partner and be socially acceptable and then some. These are the 5 Reason Why Every Man MUST Learn How to Dance:
Jeremy Mainous
1.)Bond . . . James Bond -  There isn't a man out there today who doesn't have some sort of bromance with the fictional character of James Bond. Whether guys are seeking to be like him because of his impeccable wardrobe choices, his eye for the fastest and greatest looking car, his action-packed hand to hand combat or his beautiful gaggle of woman at his beckon call, they are all wanting to have some part of James Bond's life.

So, this is where you should begin...with dance lessons. If James Bond were a real person, I can promise you, he would be an Arthur Murray Dance Center Student!
2.) Confidence -  What guy doesn't want to be that cool, confident gentleman that is always able to walk into a room with his head held high and demand the attention of others. Well, your local Arthur Murray Dance Center is the first step you should take in making sure that this guy, with his bold walk and lady-killer smile, is now YOU! Your dance lessons will instill a new found fearlessness in you that will not only start to shine on the dance floor, but in your every day life!
3) Keeping a Well-Booked Social Calendar - If you are that guy who is always looking for the coolest thing to do on a Friday or Saturday night, or if you are always wondering where to take someone for a memorable date night, then look no further than Arthur Murray. Once you are a Student, we will help you create and maintain a well-booked social calendar. Whether it's simply enjoying our Group Classes or Practice Parties, or an Arthur Murray outside event, or finding out from your Instructors where the best social dancing is taking place, we can make sure that you are no longer sitting out of the social scene!

4) The Exercise You're Missing - Are you aware the studies show that dancing through a 45-minute lesson will help you burn anywhere from 250-320 calories. That's the same as jogging, but this way you get the benefit of being able to carry on a conversation doing so and not sweating like a mad man.

Ballroom dancing is exercise that incorporates the whole body...it will give you cardio, strengthen your core, work your back, arms and leg muscles, increases your flexibility, teaches you how to isolate muscle groups and the greatest part is that while you are doing all of this, you are also having FUN!
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