Award Winning Dance Center in the Cincinnati Metro Area.
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Studio Excellence
Again in 2015, they won the prestigious Arthur Murray "Studio Excellence Award". Desiree' and Jeremy Mainous began as the franchisees for Arthur Murrray Cincinnati in 2010, at their original location in Blue Ash, and became the largest Arthur Murray studio in the metro area. Their many accomplishments include "Emerging Business of the Year" from the City of Blue Ash, a previous "Studio Excellence Award," and the "Studio of the Year" award from Arthur Murray International itself. Now located in a new larger studio at 10792 Montgomery Rd., they and their friendly and talented staff are ready to make your dance experience the very best ever!

Since the beginning of time, people have been dancing!

It transcends culture, race and age. In ancient Rome, we danced. In medieval times, we danced. In the Bible, we danced. In the roaring 20’s we certainly danced. In the 70’s we danced and it was groovy. Today, we dance! Ever want to learn some of those cool dances you see on Dancing With The Stars; the Foxtrot, the Tango, the Quickstep, the Waltz? Do you have a wedding coming up and want to make a good showing for that first dance as husband and wife? Dare I say that heartbreaking last father-daughter dance? Maybe it’s a 50-year anniversary and you’d like to remember what it’s like to be eye-to-eye in love again?

Where do you turn to discover that rhythm and learn those steps?

The premier name in dance is Arthur Murray! And there’s no better place to visit than the Arthur Murray studio on Montgomery Road just south of the North I-275 loop.

Why do we dance? Fun? Fitness? Love? Whatever the reason, we were made for it. The rhythm, the music, the motion, the large spinning disco ball; it’s all part of it. If you’ve been holding out, it’s time to grab the courage and a partner and hit the floor, cut a rug, sway & swing! Arthur Murray will get you involved in something that lasts lifetimes and generations.

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