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See West Coast Swing, Samba, Cha Cha, Bolero, & Foxtrot on This Page. Go Here to see Lindy/Swing, Salsa, Waltz, Tango and Rumba.

West Coast Swing

First called the "Sophisticated Swing" in the 1940's Arthur Murray himself developed and documented several swing steps. This was the beginning of what is now called West Coast Swing. The ladies taking "two walking steps forward" towards the man at the beginning of each pattern was standardized in his studios.
 In 1989 California selected the West Coast Swing as its state dance. Today there are over 5000 documented West Coast Swing step patterns and more are added every year. This dance is considered a "living dance" in that it is constantly evolving, growing and changing to the music styles currently in vogue. See more dances below.

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The national dance of Brazil, often called, "The South American Waltz" became the rage of Brazilian society in the 1930's but began as an exhibition dance in Paris in 1905.

 Cha Cha

Probably the most popular Latin dance in the US, the Cha Cha began as part of the Mambo. It was so easy and so much fun, it became the rage of the early 1950's. Its infectious one-two, one-two-three rhythm demands that sitters become dancers. Everybody can learn the Cha Cha and should. Let the pros at Arthur Murray's teach you Cha Cha 90's Style.


The Bolero has the same Afro-Cuban roots as the Rumba and is thought to have originated from Cuban or Spanish folk dances. The Bolero has some different characteristics from its Cuban relative the Rumba. Its long sweeping side steps and use of rise and fall create a softness that makes this dance unique among the Rhythm dances.


In 1913 Harry Fox, a Vaudeville comedian, introduced a Trot to a ragtime song in the 1913 Zigfeld Follies that pushed other Trots into the background. It became America's most popular dance and remains today as the standard of social dances. Often called the "get-acquainted" dance or the "first impression" dance, the Fox trot is enjoyed by young and old.

Go Here to see Lindy/Swing, Salsa, Waltz, Tango and Rumba.

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